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Lighted Table Top Stained Glass
Meditation Fountains

Place one of these beautiful stained glass fountains along a north wall in your home and you will create positive feng shui while you enjoy the peaceful, gentle splashing sounds of water. These unique hand-crafted fountains not only boast a lighted base but also provide much needed humidity to northern homes in the cold winter months. As a level four Reiki Master, I have added healing Reiki energy to all my fountains to enhance your meditations.
Unique one of a kind fountains made with only non-toxic lead-free solder are ready to ship immediately.

Orca Whales Fountain
Orca Whales
Aqua Lotus Fountain
Aqua Lotus

Angel Fountain
Angel at the Spring

Confetti With Red Lotus Fountain
Confetti With Red Lotus
Christmas Swirl Fountain
Christmas Swirl

Red Pyramid Fountain
Red Pyramid

White Pyramid Fountain
White Pyramid
Red Square With Clear Lotus Fountain
Red Square
With Clear Lotus
I am sorry to say that this is the final offering from Der Glaswerks. Shipping costs are now $30.00 per fountain which forces me to close the door on my online business. For questions or comments email me at ruthkopala@yahoo.com

For more information about my Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki practices visit www.fountainlightwellness.com.